Exceptional Care and Service

Thrive Chiropractic


Thrive Chiropractic has set its values on always making sure to offer the most exceptional Chiropractic Care. The Doctors have taken excessive courses to master the Science, Philosophy and Art of Chiropractic. With extra training in radiology and technique, the Doctors have trained to make sure they deliver specific scientific chiropractic adjustments when necessary. All patients receive a thorough case history consult which is a one on one conversation so the doctor can get to know the patients, after the consult the patients receive a detailed examination consisting bi-lateral weight distribution tests, posture analysis, range of motion assessment, neurological and orthopedic testing. After the examination the patients are brought to the state of the art full digital radiography room, where based on their exam findings receive x-rays to determine an exact location of the vertebral subluxation. After a complete thorough analysis of the patients x-rays they then receive a personalized specific chiropractic adjustment.

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